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Consignment Program (CP PRO)


In this program, parts and materials are delivered to customers but AvioTrade retains ownership. The customer pays for the part only when it uses it.
CP Pro  is a consigment program where the customer has inmediate access to the part allowing  customer to have the consigned parts and materials in its own warehouse(s), depending on the particular operational needs and requirements.


  • Zero lead time
  • Reduced inventory ownership and administration costs
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Automatic stock replenishment
  • Customer pays for the goods once they are used
  • Monthly payments based on goods usage
  • Overall process simplification
  • Flexibility to add more part numbers over time
  • Flexibility to order more or fewer parts every time
  • Price escalation warranty
  • Consignment stock may be placed at different locations 

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