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Rotable Parts Pool Program (RPP)



We understand that the cost of rotable parts is high, and airlines are looking to establish innovative chains with their suppliers, in order to cut down on costs. RPP will place rotable parts units at previously agreed-upon locations to support your operation, allowing you to have critical units on hand every time you need them. This program was created to provide our customers with a service that is reflected in the support that is required in their daily operation. 


  • Monthly fee per flight hour per aircraft
  • Reduced inventory ownership, administration, and transportation costs
  • Very low turnaround time (TAT)
  • Increased cash flow
  • May generate cash if inventory on hand is sold
  • Buy-lease back option available
  • Simplified expense forecasting
  • Very stable and predictable expenses through program life
  • Reduced warehousing space required
  • Service level warranty
  • Simplified repair process and related costs

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